HBDI Profile | Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

The HBDI Profile is an internationally recognized and validated personality test that shows an individual’s style of thinking and behaving. It identifies four different modes of thinking and is commonly used in business when selecting suitable candidates for a job or setting up teams.

Knowing more about one’s preferred style of thinking and behaving can increase self-awareness, support career planning and goal setting, and facilitate an analysis of learning styles and management styles. In addition, use of the HBDI Profile can promote a holistic interaction between teams and organizations.

Coaching for the targeted increase of individual or collective performance

Coaching comes originally from the world of sports and aims specifically to improve the performance of an individual or group. Through coaching, individuals maximize their efficiency and effectiveness and the combined potential of a group is optimized.

A coach helps you to help yourself

Support and guidance in finding solutions, exploiting existing potentials, expanding the range of possibilities and new perspectives

A coach can support and accompany you in various areas: if you are searching for solutions but seem to find yourself in a situation that offers no solution; if you are looking to make maximum use of your potential; or if you are interested in expanding your spectrum of possibilities and discovering new perspectives.

Having the coach’s support for a certain period of time has as its goal helping you to help yourself.


An analysis of the current situation and guidance in the desired direction are the basis of both coaching for companies and coaching for individuals.

Depending on the situation, various types of coaching may be appropriate:

  • • individual coaching / life coaching
  • • holistic coaching / integrative coaching
  • • coaching for executives / executive coaching
  • • strategy coaching / strategy development
  • • change management / support change processes
  • • business coaching / career coaching
  • • group and team coaching / personnel coaching
  • • project coaching /process coaching
  • • energetic coaching / • interaction coaching
  • • interpersonal relationship coaching

Fluidum® Coaching is a synthesis of coaching and spirituality

Innovative alternative to classic coaching

Fluidum® Coaching is an innovative alternative to classic coaching, because it connects coaching and spirituality. Human beings are not only physical beings; rather, they represent a unity of body, mind, and spirit. For personal development, it is absolutely necessary to develop all levels to a similar degree. Fluidum® Coaching incorporates a wealth of spiritual and astrological insights, and these elements play an important role in helping people rediscover their inner harmony. The newest scientific insights, including those found in quantum physics, metaphysics, western and Vedic astrology, and energetic management all contribute to Fluidum® Coaching.

Activating Constructive Change Processes with Development-Oriented Coaching

In situations where qualifications are identical and products are interchangeable, your unique personality, along with your individual and business competence, becomes your number one success factor. Often we are so busy with our hectic daily lives that we barely have time to become aware of our uniqueness, let alone enough time to give our unique qualities room to develop.

Every day we make “important” decisions. Often we don’t stop to notice that we are like a hamster in its cage, running around on its wheel. Taking a look at ourselves from outside, through the eyes of a neutral observer, can be helpful- and may even be necessary.

Fluidum® Coaching makes it possible not only to recognize old, established mechanisms, beliefs, and conditioning, but also to break through these patterns and reactivate a lively and dynamic process of change. Our decisions are not made primarily with our heads; rather, we are led mainly by our gut feelings.

Our systemic coaching extends beyond the classic work with systemic constellations and includes personal energetic structure as well as interactions with other aspects – such as the factor of time.

Unconscious perception and competences

Recognize and realize dormant potentials and resources

Studies prove that even successful people use only 20% of their human potential. What happens to the other 80%?

Fluidum Communications® specializes in discovering the unconscious treasures that are within us, hidden behind unconscious mechanisms and conditioning, and making this potential available for constructive action.

Discover the unconscious mechanisms that are decisive for success in your life or in your company. Become aware of how much of an effect it has when you take – or don’t take – action.

Spirituality and holistic coaching

Overcome the limits of the visible

Discoveries in the area of quantum physics are forcing even people who up until now were doubtful or ignorant to confront the limitations of their perceptions. Our visible world, the material world, is now only one partial aspect.

The level of quantum physics consists of information and energy and extends beyond the material level. Since the quantum physics level is nonmaterial, it cannot be touched or perceived with our five senses. Therefore it seems to be nonexistent, but nevertheless it has an effect on us.

In Fluidum® Coaching we also devote ourselves to its energetic, spiritual level. Recognize and use your potential and your employees’ potential. Activate unused resources. Develop efficient syntheses of all the existing potential. This is a worthwhile investment for all involved, an investment that produces amazing results.
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Maximize Your Potential with Life Coaching

We avoid confronting certain challenges because we are afraid – afraid of taking risks, of leaving our comfort zone, of not succeeding. Often we fail to realize that this avoidance process blocks our further development. We may unconsciously find reasons we can use to prove to ourselves that our plans could not possibly succeed. This happens even when we have abilities that still untapped. We have much more potential than we imagine!

Inspired by the motto, “What would you try if you knew that you couldn’t fail?” (Robert Schuller), Fluidum Communications® individual coaching facilitates the flowing, smooth communication of the entire human potential.

Recognizing and using energetic structures and interactions

Consciously experiencing energetic structures | Liberation from foreign conditioning

Every human being has a set energetic structure that is unchangeable. This individual energetic structure is a kind of personal DNA code and gives us a method of understanding ourselves and others more deeply. Depending on what person (or people) we are with, where we are, and the quality of a particular time, we can experience ourselves differently.

Our knowledge of our energetic personality makes it easier for us to recognize areas in which we are conditioned, as well as the areas where we have a conditioning effect or are conditioned by others. On a daily basis, we unconsciously experience how certain levels flow smoothly with particular people, while, with exactly the same people, other areas don’t work at all.

You can use this knowledge to help you understand yourself and other people better. This in turn will support you in cooperating and forming optimally effective and successful relationships. Even when these energetic interactions take place on an unconscious level, we can still perceive and experience them.

Selecting the right people to have around us on a daily basis or the right people to work with is a decisive factor in our development and happiness and contributes to successful outcomes for all involved. Of course there are people in our lives whom we can’t choose, such as children and other family members.

Understanding energetic structures helps us to optimize these relationships. Pay attention to your surroundings, the place where you live, and the people who are around you. These are key factors in your life.

Life coaching and business coaching

Approach to individual, professional or entrepreneurial coaching

1. Needs analysis and development of strategies: We analyze your current life situation, your wishes, and your needs, along with any fears that may be keeping you from reaching your potential and fulfilling your dreams.

2. Development of customized approaches and specific practical steps: Taking your personal and business situation as a starting point, we develop individualized steps – for the short, medium, and long term – that provide ongoing support for your personal development.

3. Development-oriented potential analysis and process monitoring: During the coaching process we analyze individual steps and how successful they are. Throughout the process, we remain conscious that “what lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” (Oliver Wendell Holmes).

Life coaching and business coaching are not only for business executives; rather, they are appropriate for anyone who is open to further development and who finds long-term happiness, authenticity, emotional and physical health, and satisfying relationships important.

There’s a fire inside each of us. Let your own fire burn brightly!