Human resources consulting | Developing and strengthening employee potential | Personnel coaching

A systematic analysis of employee potential optimizes two significant dimensions of a company at the same time. First of all, costs are reduced, since each individual employee’s potential can be consciously and appropriately supported. The resulting increase in motivation and achievement has a positive effect on the company culture. In addition, the company saves time: only the skills that are important for the company’s success are selectively promoted.

Strategic management | Developing goals and strategies | Self-management and time management

Strategic planning requires setting one or more goals. As formulated by the Roman philosopher Seneca, “when a ship does not know what harbor it seeks, no wind is favorable.”

In individual and team coaching sessions, both personal and business goals are investigated in depth. Realistic strategies for realizing these goals are developed. Self-management and time management play an important role here. You learn how to shape your personal and business development in a way that is largely independent of outside influences and how to deal better with stress.

Change management | Crisis management

Business crises can take the form of reduced profits, loss of jobs, or bankruptcy. Often the conscious desire to make changes arises only as a reaction to the pressure and distress caused by a crisis. These types of crises require flexibility, strategy, the ability to take the long view, and the optimal use of resources. If you understand the message of the crisis and accept the challenge, you can overcome the crisis and steer your company in a positive direction.

Systemic constellations | Team building and team development

Systemic constellations provide an opportunity to look at conflicts in formal and informal areas and create the clarity necessary to find strategies for improvement. Transparent structures and open communication must be supported, even in times of change. These aspects also play a fundamental role in team building and team development.

Relationship management

Just as important as communication within a company is communication outside the company. Properly managed relationships are an important factor in dealing successfully with customers.

In a highly competitive business environment, building and maintaining trust and credibility play a decisive role.

HBDI Profile | Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

The HBDI Profile is an internationally recognized and validated personality test that shows an individual’s style of thinking and behaving. It identifies four different modes of thinking and is commonly used in business when selecting suitable candidates for a job or setting up teams.

Knowing more about one’s preferred style of thinking and behaving can increase self-awareness, support career planning and goal setting, and facilitate an analysis of learning styles and management styles. In addition, use of the HBDI Profile can promote a holistic interaction between teams and organizations.