Life coaching and business coaching

Approach to individual, professional or entrepreneurial coaching

1. Needs analysis and development of strategies: We analyze your current life situation, your wishes, and your needs, along with any fears that may be keeping you from reaching your potential and fulfilling your dreams.

2. Development of customized approaches and specific practical steps: Taking your personal and business situation as a starting point, we develop individualized steps – for the short, medium, and long term – that provide ongoing support for your personal development.

3. Development-oriented potential analysis and process monitoring: During the coaching process we analyze individual steps and how successful they are. Throughout the process, we remain conscious that “what lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” (Oliver Wendell Holmes).

Life coaching and business coaching are not only for business executives; rather, they are appropriate for anyone who is open to further development and who finds long-term happiness, authenticity, emotional and physical health, and satisfying relationships important.

There’s a fire inside each of us. Let your own fire burn brightly!