Coaching for the targeted increase of individual or collective performance

Coaching comes originally from the world of sports and aims specifically to improve the performance of an individual or group. Through coaching, individuals maximize their efficiency and effectiveness and the combined potential of a group is optimized.

A coach helps you to help yourself

Support and guidance in finding solutions, exploiting existing potentials, expanding the range of possibilities and new perspectives

A coach can support and accompany you in various areas: if you are searching for solutions but seem to find yourself in a situation that offers no solution; if you are looking to make maximum use of your potential; or if you are interested in expanding your spectrum of possibilities and discovering new perspectives.

Having the coach’s support for a certain period of time has as its goal helping you to help yourself.


An analysis of the current situation and guidance in the desired direction are the basis of both coaching for companies and coaching for individuals.

Depending on the situation, various types of coaching may be appropriate:

  • • individual coaching / life coaching
  • • holistic coaching / integrative coaching
  • • coaching for executives / executive coaching
  • • strategy coaching / strategy development
  • • change management / support change processes
  • • business coaching / career coaching
  • • group and team coaching / personnel coaching
  • • project coaching /process coaching
  • • energetic coaching / • interaction coaching
  • • interpersonal relationship coaching

Fluidum® Coaching is a synthesis of coaching and spirituality

Innovative alternative to classic coaching

Fluidum® Coaching is an innovative alternative to classic coaching, because it connects coaching and spirituality. Human beings are not only physical beings; rather, they represent a unity of body, mind, and spirit. For personal development, it is absolutely necessary to develop all levels to a similar degree. Fluidum® Coaching incorporates a wealth of spiritual and astrological insights, and these elements play an important role in helping people rediscover their inner harmony. The newest scientific insights, including those found in quantum physics, metaphysics, western and Vedic astrology, and energetic management all contribute to Fluidum® Coaching.