Holistic coaching and consulting activate your core competencies

The uniqueness of every human individual integrated in a higher context. Nothing exists in isolation. Everything is interconnected and constantly interacting. Cause and effect influence each other. Also law of resonance. Even small changes in your life can have a great effect.

Holistic Coaching, Integrative Coaching, systemic constellations, kinesiology, NLP, HBDI, types of communication, Disney method, awareness, active listening, law of resonance, feedback et al.

Development-oriented coaching and strategic management

Everything is oriented towards life and development. Optimization of all available potential to reach concrete goals in an effective interaction of different process phases seen from the perspective of universal rules governing complex systems.

Personality profile, potential analysis, executive coaching, strategy development, clear goal definition, developing goals and strategies combined with time strategies, development-oriented coaching, change management, self- and time management, life-coaching, work-life balance, conflict management et al.

Energetic coaching | Energetic management

At the level of quantum physics, information and energy exist, and these go beyond the level of matter. This level is not material; it cannot be touched or perceived with our five senses. Thus, we may believe that this level does not exist; nevertheless, it affects us. Our intuition makes it possible for us to reach this expanded awareness. On the energetic level, our energetic structures and our conditioning determine to a significant effect the form that our lives take.

Human Design, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, team development, interaction coaching, awareness coaching, selection methods, interpersonal relatonships et al.

Process-oriented coaching | Astrology as a strategic element

Astrology as a dynamic system is the art of interpreting natural cycles, whether for an individual, a business, or a society. These qualities of time are made recognizable and usable and empower you to experience change and crises from now on as opportunities for development.

Process-oriented coaching, Western and Vedic astrology, personality analysis, potential analysis, time strategy, crisis management, change strategy, time-line et al.