Activating Constructive Change Processes with Development-Oriented Coaching

In situations where qualifications are identical and products are interchangeable, your unique personality, along with your individual and business competence, becomes your number one success factor. Often we are so busy with our hectic daily lives that we barely have time to become aware of our uniqueness, let alone enough time to give our unique qualities room to develop.

Every day we make “important” decisions. Often we don’t stop to notice that we are like a hamster in its cage, running around on its wheel. Taking a look at ourselves from outside, through the eyes of a neutral observer, can be helpful- and may even be necessary.

Fluidum® Coaching makes it possible not only to recognize old, established mechanisms, beliefs, and conditioning, but also to break through these patterns and reactivate a lively and dynamic process of change. Our decisions are not made primarily with our heads; rather, we are led mainly by our gut feelings.

Our systemic coaching extends beyond the classic work with systemic constellations and includes personal energetic structure as well as interactions with other aspects – such as the factor of time.

Unconscious perception and competences

Recognize and realize dormant potentials and resources

Studies prove that even successful people use only 20% of their human potential. What happens to the other 80%?

Fluidum Communications® specializes in discovering the unconscious treasures that are within us, hidden behind unconscious mechanisms and conditioning, and making this potential available for constructive action.

Discover the unconscious mechanisms that are decisive for success in your life or in your company. Become aware of how much of an effect it has when you take – or don’t take – action.

Spirituality and holistic coaching

Overcome the limits of the visible

Discoveries in the area of quantum physics are forcing even people who up until now were doubtful or ignorant to confront the limitations of their perceptions. Our visible world, the material world, is now only one partial aspect.

The level of quantum physics consists of information and energy and extends beyond the material level. Since the quantum physics level is nonmaterial, it cannot be touched or perceived with our five senses. Therefore it seems to be nonexistent, but nevertheless it has an effect on us.

In Fluidum® Coaching we also devote ourselves to its energetic, spiritual level. Recognize and use your potential and your employees’ potential. Activate unused resources. Develop efficient syntheses of all the existing potential. This is a worthwhile investment for all involved, an investment that produces amazing results.
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