Recognizing and using energetic structures and interactions

Consciously experiencing energetic structures | Liberation from foreign conditioning

Every human being has a set energetic structure that is unchangeable. This individual energetic structure is a kind of personal DNA code and gives us a method of understanding ourselves and others more deeply. Depending on what person (or people) we are with, where we are, and the quality of a particular time, we can experience ourselves differently.

Our knowledge of our energetic personality makes it easier for us to recognize areas in which we are conditioned, as well as the areas where we have a conditioning effect or are conditioned by others. On a daily basis, we unconsciously experience how certain levels flow smoothly with particular people, while, with exactly the same people, other areas don’t work at all.

You can use this knowledge to help you understand yourself and other people better. This in turn will support you in cooperating and forming optimally effective and successful relationships. Even when these energetic interactions take place on an unconscious level, we can still perceive and experience them.

Selecting the right people to have around us on a daily basis or the right people to work with is a decisive factor in our development and happiness and contributes to successful outcomes for all involved. Of course there are people in our lives whom we can’t choose, such as children and other family members.

Understanding energetic structures helps us to optimize these relationships. Pay attention to your surroundings, the place where you live, and the people who are around you. These are key factors in your life.