Executive coaching | Leadership potential | Potential analysis

A leadership potential analysis and the resulting personality profile provide you with an opportunity to reflect about yourself. What makes your leadership competencies the way it is? How is your style of leadership? What makes it unique?

The more complete your knowledge of your leadership potential is, the easier it is to set and reach concrete goals. The executive coaching accompanies you on your path towards and achieving your goals in harmony with your personality.

Executive development | Emotional and social competence | Networked thinking and promoting creativity | Leadership and communication skills | Conflict management and feedback

Not only do top managers need good instincts concerning people, situations, and procedures, but they must also be able to act in a way that motivates and provides a role model for employees. In addition, they must have excellent organizational skills and be capable of communicating in a transparent fashion. It often happens that business owners and executives fail to make use of the available potential of their employees.

Networked thinking makes it possible to use each employee’s potential and gives each employee the feeling that he or she is a valuable part of the organization. Dealing successfully with conflicts also plays a decisive role in determining which companies survive and which do not. The combination of all these skills makes you authentic and credible as a top manager or business owner.

Human resources development | Team building and team development | Developing and strengthening employee potential | Employee identity

Selecting the right people to have around us on a daily basis or the right people to work with is a decisive factor in our development and happiness and contributes to successful outcomes for all involved. A systematic analysis of employee potential optimizes two significant dimensions of a company at the same time. First of all, costs are reduced, since each individual employee’s potential can be consciously and appropriately supported. The resulting increase in motivation and achievement has a positive effect on the company culture. In addition, the company saves time: only the skills that are important for the company’s success are selectively promoted.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance refers to a lifestyle where you have a harmonious and well-balanced relationship between your work life and your personal life. Time management definitely plays an important role here.

To help you create an optimal work-life balance, we lead you step by step away from being directed by others and towards deciding yourself what direction you want your life to take. The most important factor in burnout is rarely the workload itself; rather, burnout often occurs in situations where individuals let others steer the course of their lives or when people have trouble setting priorities.

Get rid of the factors that are weighing you down, and find the right balance for your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Change and crisis management | Dealing with conflict | Mentoring

Competent handling of crises requires a great deal of self-awareness, along with empathy and the ability to look realistically at the crisis situation. Reaching cooperative, win-win solutions should remain the goal. Conflicts and crises always offer possibilities for personal development and inner growth.

Human Design Profile | Energetic management | Interaction

The Human Design Profile shows a person’s individual energetic structure. This energetic profile allows us to see what areas a person is conditioned in and what areas are conditioned by external influences and therefore open to learning and change.

The Human Design Profile is a powerful instrument for looking at people’s interactions from a holistic, energetic point of view. Even when you have a stable energetic structure, you show different facets of yourself in new situations, environments, or life phases. Free yourself from limiting conditioning and become YOUR self.

HBDI Profile | Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

The HBDI Profile is an internationally recognized and validated personality test that shows an individual’s style of thinking and behaving. It identifies four different modes of thinking and is commonly used in business when selecting suitable candidates for a job or setting up teams.

Knowing more about one’s preferred style of thinking and behaving can increase self-awareness, support career planning and goal setting, and facilitate an analysis of learning styles and management styles. In addition, use of the HBDI Profile can promote a holistic interaction between teams and organizations.