Individual coaching | Personality profiles and potential analysis | Fluidum® personality profile

A potential analysis and the resulting personality profile provide you with an opportunity to reflect about yourself. What makes your personality the way it is? What makes it unique? Are you aware of all the facets of your personality, with your strengths, weaknesses, wishes, and fears? The more complete your knowledge of your potential is, the easier it is to set and reach concrete goals, in both business and personal areas. Individual coaching accompanies you on your path towards personal development and achieving your goals.

Analysis of your current situation, development of goals and strategies | Self-management and time management | Finding your right career and career coaching

A corporation needs to develop its own corporate concept; and, in a similar way, each person develops his or her own individual life concept. Events in our life history have an unconscious effect on the development of this life concept. Through self-analysis, you can examine how your life concept has developed so far and discover any areas where disturbances or blockages play a role. As a follow-up to self-analysis, strategies are developed that focus on the optimal synthesis of personal development and realizing your professional goals. This phase includes the self-management and time management skills necessary for you to reach your goals.

Find your way. Follow your own path.

Change and crisis management | Dealing with conflict | Mentoring

Competent handling of crises requires a great deal of self-awareness, along with empathy and the ability to look realistically at the crisis situation.
Reaching cooperative, win-win solutions should remain the goal.
Conflicts and crises always offer possibilities for personal development and inner growth.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance refers to a lifestyle where you have a harmonious and well-balanced relationship between your work life and your personal life. Time management definitely plays an important role here.

To help you create an optimal work-life balance, we lead you step by step away from being directed by others and towards deciding yourself what direction you want your life to take. The most important factor in burnout is rarely the workload itself; rather, burnout often occurs in situations where individuals let others steer the course of their lives or when people have trouble setting priorities.

Get rid of the factors that are weighing you down, and find the right balance for your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Human Design Profile | Energetic coaching | Interaction

The Human Design Profile shows a person’s individual energetic structure. This energetic profile allows us to see what areas a person is conditioned in and what areas are conditioned by external influences and therefore open to learning and change.

The Human Design Profile is a powerful instrument for looking at people’s interactions from a holistic, energetic point of view. Even when you have a stable energetic structure, you show different facets of yourself in new situations, environments, or life phases.
Free yourself from limiting conditioning and become YOUR self.

Systemic constellations | Relationship management | Relationship Counseling | Camera training

Systemic constellations provide a clear and simple way of making individual structures and relationships, as well as organizational structures, visible. The work with systemic constellations reveals limiting relationship patterns within your family, partner relationship, or other interpersonal relationships. The insights and information made available through this work can create long-lasting changes in your life and open up new prospects for the future. Improved relationship management and development of efficient communication are closely connected with the resolution of limiting relationship patterns.
Skill in managing relationships opens up new doors and opportunities for you – in both your personal life and your business activities.